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Build an optometry practice and life you love! Eye Own a Business teaches independent ODs how to grow a thriving practice while wearing the hats of both a doctor and a business owner. Tune in as Dr. Steve Vargo and his guests guide you with the tools and strategies you need to build the practice of your dreams, one step at a time. Eye Own a Business is brought to you by IDOC. Learn more at IDOC.net
Eye Own a Business Episode 29: Becoming a Multi-Million Dollar Practice in 5 Years
Dr. Steve Vargo
July 4, 2023
What would it take to open a practice cold and within 5 years achieve a level of financial success that many practices never reach… becoming a multi-million-dollar practice? In this episode, Dr. Joel Tuite takes us through his 5-year journey, year-by-year. Some of the topics we cover are how he attracted patients in the lean years, the importance of putting staff first and treating patients like family, and how having a vision of success keeps you motivated and optimistic even during challenging times. According to Dr. Tuite, “If you can envision it, it will happen.”
Dr. Steve Vargo
Practice Management Consultant
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