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Build an optometry practice and life you love! Eye Own a Business teaches independent ODs how to grow a thriving practice while wearing the hats of both a doctor and a business owner. Tune in as Dr. Steve Vargo and his guests guide you with the tools and strategies you need to build the practice of your dreams, one step at a time. Eye Own a Business is brought to you by IDOC. Learn more at IDOC.net
Eye Own a Business Episode 37: What's My Practice Worth?
Dr. Steve Vargo, Nathan Hayes
October 24, 2023
In this podcast, Nathan Hayes, IDOC’s Director of Financial Services, highlights the essential factors involved in determining the value of a practice, including revenue, profitability, market conditions, and competition. The role of financial statements and historical performance metrics, such as EBITDA, is emphasized as critical tools in the valuation process. The conversation also explores the challenge of quantifying intangible assets like goodwill, reputation, and relationships, shedding light on their impact on a practice's overall value. The interview addresses whether formal valuations are necessary for all practices and how the presence of private equity has transformed the landscape of healthcare practice valuation and acquisition. Our discussion uncovers common mistakes and misconceptions held by practice owners about business valuation, helping them navigate the process more effectively. For potential sellers with exit plans, valuable insights are shared regarding benchmarks and strategies to boost their practice's value. Likewise, potential buyers receive guidance on avoiding overpayment, ensuring informed decisions when considering acquisitions.
Dr. Steve Vargo
Practice Management Consultant
Nathan Hayes
Director, Financial Services
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