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Eye Own a Business Episode 35: Are My Vendors HIPAA Complaint? Here’s What to Ask
Dr. Steve Vargo
September 26, 2023
When physicians contemplate HIPAA compliance and the safeguarding of patients' protected health information (PHI), their primary focus typically centers on internal aspects. Questions such as, "Do our practice's written policies align with HIPAA requirements? Have we adequately trained our employees on HIPAA regulations? Is our computer infrastructure and software adequately secure?" often dominate their concerns. However, one crucial aspect that often goes unaddressed is whether the vendors who have access to our patients' PHI are also diligently taking steps to ensure the protection of this sensitive information. In this episode, we engage in a discussion with Christine Schneider, Vice President of Operations, and Jon Kettner, who oversees HIPAA compliance at RevCycle Partners. They provide insights into the comprehensive process RevCycle Partners follows to achieve HIPAA compliance and offer guidance on the essential inquiries you should be making of your vendors to fortify your defenses against potential data breaches.
Dr. Steve Vargo
Practice Management Consultant
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