Lab Services
Lab Services
Two Great Independent Companies Together for Independents
IDOC and Three Rivers Optical Combine to Form Company Dedicated to Serving Independent Eyecare Practices
IDOC and TRO have combined to bring an unmatched suite of practice enhancements and lab services to eyecare professionals. The two companies, with a 75+ years combined history of serving optometry, have a shared mission of continuing the growth and success of independent eyecare practices. Both IDOC and Three Rivers Optical will continue operating in the marketplace under their existing names. The management teams of IDOC and Three Rivers Optical will continue as the leaders and owners in the combined company. TRO's lab benefits include:

✔ Quality Products

✔ Outstanding Customer Service

✔ Industry Leading Turnaround Times

✔ American-Made Manufacturing

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"Offering lab services through Three Rivers Optical is the perfect complement to IDOC's existing best-in-class vendor programs, consulting, peer-to-peer networking, practice accounting, marketing, human resources, and inventory management services."

Oliver Spandow

"The combination of IDOC and Three Rivers Optical unifies two innovative companies that are deeply connected and committed to serve the best interests of independent optometry."

Steve Seibert
Three Rivers Optical Managing Director
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