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Keep your practice running at peak performance with IDOC Products & Services
As an independent OD, you're a business owner, too—with all of the demands on your time that comes with it. That's why IDOC now offers an expanded suite of “we-do-it-for-you” services. Our industry experts, consultants and support teams step in to handle everything from HR and bookkeeping to marketing and optical performance, giving you the time you need to spend with patients and pursue important life goals.
Let IDOC experts help you handle the demands of running your practice
With end-to-end support for every detail of business management, we help you build the practice of your dreams, giving you a new opportunity to:
Get back time to use your way
IDOC Services are the best way to handle the business demands of independent ownership—all while freeing you and your staff to spend more time with patients and focus on what matters most to you.
Leverage growth opportunities
IDOC Services are supported by the latest data and analytics technology, coupled with strategic insights from our experts and objective advice you can trust. It's the best way to uncover business opportunities and understand how your practice compares to your peers.
Keep business costs low
Our hands-on, expertly-designed services provide maximum value for reasonable prices, and are available to ALL independent optometrists, with IDOC Members receiving a discounted rate.
Our expanded list of Products & Services now includes:
  • Website, Social, SEO and Pay-Per-Click services
  • Optical sales consulting and retail strategies
  • Bookkeeping, payroll support and metrics
  • HR hotline, handbooks and compliance library
  • Specialty implementation programs
And more coming soon
IDOC Membership comes with Perks including discounted rates on all Services. Interested in IDOC membership? See the benefits included in all of our flexible, no contract options.
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