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Build an optometry practice and life you love! Eye Own a Business teaches independent ODs how to grow a thriving practice while wearing the hats of both a doctor and a business owner. Tune in as Dr. Steve Vargo and his guests guide you with the tools and strategies you need to build the practice of your dreams, one step at a time. Eye Own a Business is brought to you by IDOC. Learn more at IDOC.net
Eye Own a Business Episode 28-Digital Eye Strain: New Treatment Options and Business Opportunities
Dr. Steve Vargo
June 20, 2023
Digital eye strain, while frustrating for your patients, presents a tremendous opportunity for your practice. In the past, contact lenses often had less than stellar outcomes for patients experiencing eyestrain on digital devices. Many of these patients ultimately dropped out of contact lenses. This was not good for the patient or the practice. Advancements in contact lens technology have created a new option that’s getting raving reviews from both patients and doctors. Patients love the visual comfort and symptomatic relief the lens provides, and doctors love the ease of fitting (98 percent of patients found their final lens with 2 pairs of lenses or less). In this episode with Dr. Michele Andrews, we discuss a lens with potential to create a lot of happy patients (and doctors): MyDay Energys.
Dr. Steve Vargo
Practice Management Consultant
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