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Build an optometry practice and life you love! Eye Own a Business teaches independent ODs how to grow a thriving practice while wearing the hats of both a doctor and a business owner. Tune in as Dr. Steve Vargo and his guests guide you with the tools and strategies you need to build the practice of your dreams, one step at a time. Eye Own a Business is brought to you by IDOC. Learn more at IDOC.net
Eye Own a Business Episode 7: Good Boss or Bad Boss? Which One are You?
Dr. Steve Vargo
August 30, 2022
In this episode we talk with Dr. Michelle Johnston, author of The Seismic Shift in Leadership, about being a more effective leader. Leadership in the workplace has moved beyond the “command and control” style… or has it? Many leaders are still deploying outdated methods of leading their teams. In a time where employees appear disengaged, turnover is high, and practice revenues are stagnant, it’s worth looking in the mirror and asking, “Am I the problem?” This interview may challenge many of the ideas you have about leadership, but if you’re willing to make some changes, the rewards for both you and your team could be astounding.
Dr. Steve Vargo
Practice Management Consultant
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