These informal video presentations include Q&As, insights and recommendations presented by IDOC’s team of consulting experts.
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Eye Own a Business Episode 26: I Found You Online! Online Marketing that Gets Results
When people search for an eye doctor (or related service) in your area, are you the one who shows up? If not, you’re losing patients and money! While word-of-mouth marketing may still be king for many practices, online marketing is not far behind. In this episode with Wayne Street, SEO Manager at IDOC, we discuss the most effective online marketing strategies, how to position your website and content to rank high when people in your area search for eye care services, and reasons your marketing is not working (wasting money). For those who lack the time or expertise to manage their own marketing successfully (probably most of you), Wayne also discusses how IDOC can do it for you. As Wayne states, “It’s easy to do, but involves a lot of work!”
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