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Book Launch Supports Success of Private Practice Optometrists
A new publication by Practice Management expert Dr. Steve Vargo reveals the “dos and don’ts” of salesmanship for independent ODs

  • March 18, 2019
  • Press Contact: IDOC® 203-853-3333

Norwalk March 18, 2019 - IDOC today announced the release of “But I Don’t Sell: An Eye Care Professional’s Guide to Being More Persuasive, Influential and Successful” by IDOC Practice Management Consultant Steve Vargo, OD, MBA. Dr. Vargo’s newest book, available in both digital and print formats, offers proven tips and techniques for selling products and services to patients in a private practice setting. A published author and speaker with 15 years of clinical experience, Dr. Vargo focuses on practice management issues of special importance to independent ODs.

“A lot of doctors have an aversion to the word “selling,” said Dr. Vargo, “but what happens in the exam correlates directly with sales and revenues. Whether it’s prescribing prescription sunglasses or recommending vision therapy, your success depends on your level of persuasiveness.” And, says Dr. Vargo, it’s important to remember that persuasion is not the same as manipulation. “Selling is not about manipulating,” he said, “it’s about helping someone get what they need. Sometimes becoming more effective at selling starts with that simple shift in mindset.”

As a member of the IDOC Practice Management Consulting team, Dr. Vargo has performed over 3,000 consultations and coaching sessions with hundreds of independent optometry practices across the country. IDOC is one of the country’s leading alliances of independent eyecare professionals, providing comprehensive practice management advice, advanced business diagnostics, live events and other services, as well as negotiated vendor discounts and extensive peer-to-peer networking.

A contributing author to the widely read “Optometric Management Tip of the Week” article, Dr. Vargo is the author of two books that address the challenges of staff management and leadership, both available from Amazon:

Eye on Management: Step-by-step Guide to Optometry’s Most Common Staff Management Challenges
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Eye on Leadership: An optometrist’s Game Plan for Creating a Motivated and Empowered Team
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But I Don’t Sell: An Eye Care Professional’s Guide to Being More Persuasive, Influential and Successful
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For the past twenty years, IDOC has remained committed to building a powerful community of independent optometrists, providing advanced practice management tools, advice and support systems that drive business growth. Membership plans include expert consulting, metrics-based business solutions, negotiated vendor discounts and peer-to-peer networking. IDOC works collaboratively with 3,000+ independent ODs to help them stay ahead of industry change and achieve their business vision, their way. For more information about IDOC, call (203) 853-3333 or visit

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