What is IDOC?
IDOC is a membership service organization committed to the success of all independent optometrists. We offer a full range of products and services designed to create a competitive advantage and long-term business growth. Our personalized approach, technology expertise and hands-on execution sets us apart, freeing you and your staff to spend time with patients and achieve both personal and professional goals.
How big is IDOC?
IDOC is a non-franchise optometric alliance of over 3,200+ independent optometrists across all 50 states.
How can IDOC help my independent practice?
IDOC is uniquely positioned to help independent owners live the practice of their dreams. IDOC Alliance Memberships support practices with best-in-class vendor savings and rebates, peer-networking and education, a dedicated practice development manager and more. IDOC Services provide the hands-on expertise to take on practice tasks to free up you and your staff to focus on patient care and growing your business.
What is an IDOC Member?
An IDOC Member consists of both “Alliance Members” and “Service Clients.” Alliance Members are independent owners who are enrolled in one of IDOC’s membership plans (Essential, Advisor or Select). Service Clients are independent owners who participate in one or more of IDOC’s Services but are not enrolled in a membership plan. Alliance Members can also be enrolled in Services.
Can any independent optometrist participate with IDOC?
Yes. Any independent optometrist who is a private practice owner and is interested in growing his/her practice should consider joining IDOC. Contact us for more information at 203.853.3333.
What Services are offered by IDOC?
IDOC offers Services in 5 key practice areas: HR, Finance, Marketing, Optical and Specialty. Within each of these areas, we offer a host of products and services to address all of your practice needs. To learn more about individual services, please visit our Products & Services page.
What are the benefits of being an Alliance Member?
IDOC Alliance Members get access to a dedicated Practice Development Manager who provides quarterly account reviews for your practice, exclusive vendor programs and rebates, consulting from unparalleled industry experts, a wide range of peer networking and education events, proprietary data analytics from IDOC InsiderTM, and 24/7 HR hotline and other tools with IDOC HR Now and more.
What are the benefits of being a Service Client?
IDOC Service Clients get access to IDOC Services, with participation, the IDOC Resource Center, IDOC free education events, and more.
Who is eligible for IDOC vendor programs?
Only IDOC Alliance Members may participate in IDOC vendor programs.
What vendors offer programs to IDOC Alliance Members?
We provide attractive discount and rebate programs from industry leaders including ABB, Alcon, CooperVision, Luxottica, Marchon, Nassau OOGP Vision Group, Safilo, Zeiss and many others. View the complete list.
What types of educational opportunities are offered to Alliance Members?
IDOC provides the opportunity for members to connect with colleagues and vendors on a national and regional level via business conferences that feature FREE CE credits and a practice management-focused curriculum. We also offer regular study group meetings, hosted both live and virtually, that bring local independent optometrists together as a community to collaborate, discuss best practices, offer guidance and receive support. IDOC was founded over 20 years ago by a group of Connecticut ODs who realized that the insights they gained from their independent optometrist network helped them more effectively overcome obstacles. Our members experience that same benefit through the collaboration of peers that takes place at our educational events, such as The Connection – IDOC’s annual multi-day conference.
Who is eligible to attend IDOC education and networking events?
Any IDOC event that is open to the public may be attended by any independent practices.
What are the costs of IDOC’s Services?
IDOC Services range in price depending on each product. To find individual pricing, please visit our Products & Services section. IDOC Alliance Members receive a discount on IDOC Services, which is reflected on our website. Service Clients pay Retail Price.
What is the cost to join IDOC Alliance?
We have three membership plans depending on your needs, ranging in price from $150/month to $450/month – with no hidden fees and no long-term membership commitment. Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee is full assurance that your IDOC membership will meet your needs in every way, or your money back.* Every IDOC Alliance Membership plan provides industry-leading vendor savings, extensive professional networking and education opportunities, and a dedicated Practice Development Manager. Plus, we offer highly regarded consulting services and practice management technology to help you navigate the challenges that come with owning your optometry practice.

Find the plan that’s right for your practice here.

*Alliance Members who enroll in IDOC membership for the first time on or after April 1, 2018 are eligible for the satisfaction guarantee program (the "Satisfaction Guarantee") as described here. Satisfaction Guarantee policy is only available for Alliance Members and does not cover Service Clients.
What is the difference between IDOC Essential, IDOC Advisor and IDOC Select membership?
Every IDOC membership plan provides industry-leading vendor rebates and extensive professional networking and education opportunities. Plus, we offer highly regarded consulting services within our Advisor and Select membership levels, as well as practice management technology to help you navigate the challenges that come with owning your optometry practice. With over 90 years of combined optometric experience, our expert consultants can assist with any practice challenges related to Practice Finance, Staff Management and HR, Practice Marketing and Optical Management. For more information and to compare each of our membership plans click here.
How can I participate with IDOC?
To join our Alliance, please select the membership plan that is right for you, and if you are interested in our Services, you can fill out a form on any of our Services pages here, or call us at 203.853.3333 so we can learn more about your practice and help you select the right membership and service options to help you and your practice reach your goals.
What is a Practice Development Manager (PDM)?
A Practice Development Manager is your dedicated contact when connecting with IDOC. PDMs act as your account manager, meeting with IDOC Members frequently to review your practice goals, keeping you informed on the latest offerings from IDOC, and ensuring that you are taking full advantage of all of your IDOC benefits.
How do I get in touch with someone at IDOC?
Getting in touch with IDOC is easy. You can reach us by phone at (203) 833-5333, email us at info@idoc.net, or fill out the Contact form at the bottom of the page.
Who is an IDOC member in my area?
To network with other local doctors in your area, please visit our Meetings page to find out when your next local Study Group meeting takes place.
Who is IDOC’s competition?
IDOC is a one-of-its-kind membership service organization, with both the benefits of traditional optometric alliances and the hands-on support of IDOC Services. There’s no exclusions to participate with IDOC, and doctors may join in more than one alliance and/or buying group at a time.
How do I cancel my IDOC Alliance membership or Service?
To change or cancel your current IDOC Membership, please contact your IDOC Practice Development Manager.
What are the membership / service commitments?
IDOC does not maintain lock-in contracts or long-term commitments. Some IDOC Services require minimum commitments. See our Terms & Conditions policy for further details.
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