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With IDOC Optical Services, you can spend more time on patient care and improve optical sales performance.
At IDOC, we understand that patient care is your priority. Given that optical generates 40% of practice revenue, an effective management strategy is equally important to your business success. That's why we're rolling out IDOC Optical Services over the next 12 months—a comprehensive program of data-focused tools, best practices and unbiased advice designed to optimize your retail performance.
IDOC Optical Consulting
You can do this, because we're with you every step of the way.
Rely on IDOC Optical Consulting experts to help make your optical smarter and more efficient through data analysis, guided by industry best practices and decades of experience in navigating the complexities of the Doctor/Retailer dynamic. With IDOC, you don't have to be a retail sales expert, because we are—and we're here to guide you.
  Talk with an expert. Our optical experts help you create a customized action plan for your practice
  Connect with reps. Get in touch with your vendors anytime with our online Rep Connect tool
  See the trends. Understand which products are best sellers with our Brand Analysis Retail Report
  Set goals. Our Easy-to-use, customizable KPI and SMART Goal setting templates make it easy to set goals and understand your sales data
  Drive your success. Dig in to your data using GPN's EdgePro to make informed decisions about your optical
A program designed for the optical needs of every independent practice.
IDOC Optical consulting is included in every IDOC Advisor and Select membership. Also available to IDOC Essential members and industry clients (no alliance membership required), IDOC Optical Services is here to help you drive your success, your way, in one of the most important but least understood areas of independent Optometry.
Retail Price: $400/month*
IDOC Essential Members: $300/month*
IDOC Advisor & Select Members: Included in Membership
*Plus sales tax where applicable by law.
Service Clients pay the Retail Price
Look for more optical support coming soon.
IDOC Optical Consulting services is just the beginning. Over the next 12 months, we'll be adding even more sales tools, products, and services for your practice, including inventory management and analysis, retail sales staff training, private label business opportunities and many more.
Learn how IDOC Optical Services can help your practice
Meet our Experts
Lana Greene
Lana Greene
Optical Consultant
Lana Greene has over 25 years of experience in the independent optical channel as an ABO-Certified Optician, Sales Consultant, and Training Manager across several major manufacturers. Lana joined IDOC in 2019 as a Practice Development Manager in the Great Lakes region, applying her expertise to grow more than 300 independent practices through reducing their cost of goods, and maximizing their operational efficiency through educational opportunities and training.
Alyssa Pirbhai
Alyssa Pirbhai
Optical Consultant
Alyssa Pirbhai brings more than 10 years of industry experience to IDOC Optical Consulting, having served in both independent and corporate Optometry and Ophthalmology as a technician. Alyssa spent the last 4 years serving the southern region as a Business Consultant for De Rigo REM, helping both IDOC members and other Independent Owners with efficiencies in their Optical, identifying opportunities to refine their assortment and grow their sales.
Ximara Vega
Ximara Vega
Optical Consultant
Ximara Vega comes to Optical Services with more than 1000 hours of consulting with independent practitioners behind her. Over ten years in the industry, including corporate Optometry, Ximara has applied her passion for the retail experience to make the independent better every day. An ABO-Certified Optician, and CE lecturer, Ximara takes a data-driven approach to motivate change in the Optical.
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