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Looking for a partner to guide you through difficult business decisions?
Trust IDOC Navigation Services for unbiased sale, partnership and acquisition advice.
IDOC Navigation Services takes the guesswork out of practice sales, acquisitions and partnerships, whether you’re just starting out or preparing for retirement. Our unbiased advice, evaluation metrics and negotiation techniques help you weigh your options and act on the right opportunities as they emerge, all based on your individual professional, financial and lifestyle requirements. With IDOC Navigation Services, you always have a trusted advisor in your corner, important assurance that you will successfully realize your goals, optimize your investments and secure your financial future. You’ll get:
  A customized end-to-end approach for every phase of private practice ownership
  A robust framework for properly evaluating sell, hold or alternative buyer decisions
  An objective, honest and experienced voice to help ensure the best business decisions
  Acquisition and partnership strategies that reflect professional and personal preferences
  New ways to identify and act on the best growth-focused market opportunities
Position your practice for growth and success with IDOC Financial Services.
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“Our IDOC Select Consultations have allowed us to delve deeper into our own practice metrics and really get a grasp on how our practice operates. We are now able to better understand and influence our top and bottom line.”
Dr. Timothy Fries
Grove City Vision Center
Grove City, OH
“I have changed the way I schedule patients, changed my optical pricing structure, incentivized my staff, integrated new testing and equipment, changed my Practice Management Software to a web-based system, and finally found a staff member to fill a hole in our team that fits in with our culture. I credit it entirely to IDOC...”
Dr. Richard Jabaley
Mountain Eye Clinic PC
Dahlonega, GA
"Successful practices need more than just discounts and rebates, IDOC sponsored Study Groups and Conferences are the best place to find out what is working in independent optometry—and what isn't!"

Dr. Roy Cohen
Town Optical, Inc.
New York, NY
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