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IDOC Launches New Service to Help Practice Owners Maximize Optical Results
Advanced Tools and Strategic Support for Improved Optical Sales Performance


August 13, 2021, Norwalk CT – IDOC announced that they have expanded their new Optical Service offering with enhanced Optical Consulting, strategic advice and analytical tools designed to increase retail sales in independent practices. IDOC Optical Consulting is included in the dues for both Advisor and Select memberships and is now available for the first time to Essential members for a monthly service fee. Additionally, for the first time in their history, IDOC is offering a service for a monthly non-member fee to “clients,” practices without an IDOC membership, who wish to utilize this service.

Susan Daly, IDOC Associate Director of Optical Strategy & Development, sees the new Optical Consulting program as a driver of practice innovation and growth. “Practices can be overwhelmed by the investment of time required to effectively drive optical performance,” she said. “At IDOC, our full-practice approach and guidance is based on both new and established retail strategies that can be learned and implemented with the help our IDOC experts with experience in the space."

Ximara Vega, IDOC’s veteran Optical Consultant (ABO Certified), who has more than two years of strategic consulting in optical retail, will be joined by a team of experienced optical experts who will consult with participating independent practices on a monthly basis.

At IDOC, we create action steps that will generate meaningful retail sales results,” said Ms. Vega. “We work one-on-one with ODs and lead opticians to understand their goals and requirements, then find ways to transfer what we’ve learned to their specific practice environments.” The program also incorporates advanced data analytics and a suite of online tools designed to enhance business decision-making, including goal-setting guides and brand-focused industry reports.

“On average, independent optical income represents 40% of the practice total income, which is why our enhanced Optical Consulting program is so relevant and valuable,” said Dave Brown, IDOC CEO. “We’re helping our members formalize their approach to retail sales with a wide range of tools, strategies and best practices, all customized for each individual business.” Over the next 12 months, IDOC will introduce additional optical sales tools, products and services specifically designed for the needs of independent optometry practices.

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