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Essential Insights for Optometry Practices:
Download the 2023 Benchmarks Report

  • May 29, 2024
  • Press Contact: IDOC® 203-853-3333

May 29, Trumbull, CT – Books & Benchmarks, a leader in eye care bookkeeping and financial analytics, has just released the highly anticipated 2023 Optometry Benchmarks Report. This essential resource is now available for download, offering optometrists and industry professionals a detailed overview of the latest performance metrics and industry standards.

Key Insights for Eye Care Professionals
The 2023 Optometry Benchmarks Report is an essential resource for eye care professionals seeking to deepen their understanding of the performance of private optometry practices. It provides an in-depth analysis of key performance indicators (KPIs) and benchmarks that are crucial for evaluating and improving practice efficiency and boosting overall business performance. The report also highlights the seven key expense areas, offering practices benchmarks for comparison and goal setting.

Highlights of the Report Include:

  • Understanding Overhead and Profitability: A breakdown of the different sections of revenue and costs.
  • Managing COGS: Proactive ways to control your COGS and what the ‘normal’ range is for a practice.
  • Staff Compensation: Best practices for managing compensation and determining the best strategy to compete and retain staff.

User-friendly Design
The report features clear charts, graphs, and summaries that make complex data more consumable. This design makes it easier to understand the data and integrate insights into individual practices.

Download Now
The 2023 Optometry Benchmarks Report is available for immediate download on the Books & Benchmarks website.

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