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New IDOC Inventory Management Empowers Opticians and Improves Optical Sales Performance
Monthly Inventory Management Support Streamlines Practice Growth and Optical Efficiency


February 18, 2022, Norwalk CT – IDOC has announced the addition of IDOC Inventory Management, a comprehensive and hands-on monthly inventory management service, to its full suite of practice management solutions. IDOC Inventory Management takes a data-centric, metrics-based approach that empowers opticians to improve frame selection, pricing, and physical management of inventory assets, along with providing sales training opportunities for practice staff. The launch of IDOC Inventory Management is the latest offering in IDOC’s expanded lineup of Optical Services.

IDOC understands that retail sales are a profit center for independent practices, but navigating the complexities of the doctor/retailer dynamic can be a challenge. IDOC Inventory Management addresses this challenge with a team of optical experts who take a customized approach to inventory planning designed to give owners more time to spend on patient care while improving optical performance.

Susan Daly, IDOC Associate Director of Optical Strategy & Development, views IDOC Inventory Management as a powerful tool in helping independent ODs make better buying decisions, sell premium products, and maintain a competitive edge. "Effectively driving optical performance requires a significant time commitment and comprehensive understanding of retail strategies," she said. "With IDOC Inventory Management, our optical industry experts take on that commitment and focus on equipping opticians with the tools they need to optimize sales. We make inventory management a simple process for independent owners, helping to maximize revenue per patient and improve cash flow."

IDOC's approach to inventory planning is designed to enable owners to make deliberate decisions based on strategic market analysis. IDOC Inventory Management also offers frame support through industry exclusive inventory management software and the delivery of custom frame labels. “Our program streamlines the sales process, removing barriers to success and setting up our practice owners for peak optical performance,” Ms. Daly said.

"We are always looking for ways to innovate and address the business needs of our members," said Dave Brown, CEO at IDOC. "IDOC Inventory Management brings doctors peace of mind, knowing their retail sales are in good hands. Doctors can focus their time on patient care while our team optimizes cost of goods and revenue growth."

IDOC Inventory Management is available for a monthly fee to all independent optometry practices regardless of their membership alliance. For more information about new IDOC Inventory Management, visit

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