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Comprehensive New Human Resources Support Added for IDOC Members
The Robust HR Platform Provides Needed Tools for Excellence in Employee Management


April 30, 2019, Norwalk CT – IDOC has announced the launch of the latest enhancement to IDOC HR Services, that will streamline and standardize the process of hiring, developing and managing qualified practice staff members. Available to all members on Monday, April 29, this broad-based human resources support is customized for the needs of independent optometrists, and is the latest of many IDOC innovations that support the ongoing success of IDOC member practices. The newly designed IDOC HR platform includes:

IDOC Employee Testing Service, a powerful assessment tool that provides side-by-side comparisons of prospective employees during the hiring process, along with personalized onboarding and development strategies. Introduced on April 26, the service is available to all IDOC members for a low per-use fee. The service can also be used for existing employees as it provides development plans to get the most out of the talent already in place.

IDOC Employee Handbook Service, provides a practice handbook with customized guidelines for workplace interactions, performance evaluation and benefit packages, and helps both ODs and staff members comply fully with changing workplace rules and regulations in every state. Access to IDOC Employee Handbook Service is available to all IDOC members and non-members at a competitive fee in the marketplace for legally-vetted handbooks. Many IDOC practices have already taken advantage of this program.

“Qualified and engaged staff members are the foundation for every independently-owned optometry practice or any business for that matter,” said IDOC CEO Dave Brown. “Our continuing commitment to a best-in-class human resources support system will help our members select, develop and reward employees who will contribute to the success of the practice on a daily basis.”

“Comparable HR tools would be prohibitively expensive for member practices individually,” said IDOC Human Resources Consultant Amy Alvarez, “yet are vital to long-term success.” “We recognize that comprehensive HR support will yield enormous benefits to our members.” “By providing proven human resources tools, templates and best practices, IDOC is helping practices optimize every employee relationship.”

“I have been very pleased with my employee handbook.” states Dr. Richard Jabaley, IDOC Select Member, “I created my own about 15 years ago. This newly designed book by Amy Alvarez far exceeds what I have been using for years. This handbook is specifically tailored to my private practice, yet looks professional enough to fit into a business of any size. I would recommend this opportunity to anyone who owns their own business. It is a must have!”

For more information about the new benefits available from IDOC HR Services, please call your dedicated Account Manager or (203)-853-3333.

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