IDOC Advisor Plan

IDOC recognizes that some independent optometrists want to take their practices to the next level and are looking for customized help to get them there.

The IDOC Advisor membership plan can give you just that, with everything you would expect from your IDOC membership, plus unlimited access to optometry practice management consulting. Now, you can join risk free—our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee is full assurance that your IDOC Membership will meet your needs in every way, or your money back*.

Our commitment is to the success of your optometry practice – helping you achieve financial growth, ensuring your team excels, and supporting your delivery of exceptional patient care.
Optometry Consulting ASSESS. CONSULT. ADVISE.
Our optometric consulting benefits practices of any size – whether you are a startup, or a multi-doctor, multi-million-dollar practice – we take pride in learning about your practice and formulating the right approach for you. With your IDOC Advisor membership, we are here for you whenever you need us.

Our consultants provide proven strategies across multiple Practice Management areas:
  • Finance – We work with you to develop a 3-year growth plan, setting a benchmark for your optometry practice and identify opportunities for additional investments, increased profits and revenue growth.
  • Staff Management – Our consultants help you with all aspects of staff management, including - tools to develop your current staff and talent selection and hiring for the future.
  • Marketing – We analyze your practice demographics and develop an optometry marketing strategy to promote your practice, which is tailored to your timing and budget needs, which will help maximize your investment.
  • Optical Management – We guide you through an optical assessment process and discuss your frame inventory, operations, prescribing habits, and optical staff performance. We work with you to identify specific need areas and opportunities for improvement to ensure you are realizing the profit and growth goals from your optical business.

IDOC is committed to providing our IDOC Advisor members customized, tailored solutions to help ensure the long-term success of their optometry practice. Our IDOC Advisor membership plan, like all of our memberships, allows you to retain the flexibility and freedom you desire through a flat monthly fee of $395 with no long-term membership commitment and a 100% satisfaction guarantee*.

Become a member with your IDOC Advisor plan today.

**Members who enroll in IDOC Membership for the first time on or after April 1, 2018 are eligible for the satisfaction guarantee program (the “Satisfaction Guarantee”) as described here.