Join Your Colleagues
Join Your Colleagues
New York: Go Compete! Why SHOULD Your Patients Buy Glasses From You?
• The competition for optical care is at an all-time high – what are you doing to stay ahead and improve your capture rate and profitability? By participating in this study group meeting, you will connect virtually with your local IDOC peers to discuss strategies to compete for optical care against big box and retail chains and best practices to enhance in-house sales from your patients. PDM REVIEW This was a solid meeting with lots of great suggestions for disrupters in the optical to help boost frame/lens capture rate. Notes are below: Best ways to compete with Big Box, Internet, Retail is to “Not Compete” • Don’t sell what they sell and how they sell it o Sell Blue blockers; Neurolens, Patient Experience, Better Quality, ? If we try to compete with them, we will lose. • Low price, Low Quality, Low Service (Independent ODs won’t compete with that) o Educate your patients on why to purchase from you o Leverage the fact that they come to you and should trust that what you can provide to them is what they need (discuss price points) • Carry higher end frame lines that they can’t get in Big Box, Online, etc. o When you sell glasses based on a need to solve a patients problems, they will stay with you (Sell based on your trusted expertise with their eyecare) Remind them that they come to you for their exam (have lower price point frames accessible) • How to increase your frame capture rate o Have crisp, clean optical displays o Have fresh inventory (not discontinued items on your frame boards; they are discontinued for a reason…they are not selling) o Highlight your optical staff’s knowledge with measurements, frame selection; ask your patients what they do for fun (know your patients); this can increase your second pair sales/suns o Have young eyes on your frame boards; Millennials know what sells because they are the ones that buy o Sell premium branded lenses for those who really need them ? Emphasize lenses more than frames to sell more; educate the patient on the lens; can’t lead the patient to a frame but you can lead them to the lens that they will see optimally in o Offer 50% off on Second Pair Sales o Warby Parker sells frames/style (regardless of quality); Sell on specialty coatings, digitals, high index

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Monday, August 10, 2020 at 8:00 PM

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Dr. Roy Cohen
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