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Lana Greene | 7/8/2022
10 Ways to Decrease Your Patient-Owned-Frame Percentage

I have never spoken to a practice with a zero patient-owned-frame (POF) percentage. I encourage practices to strive for less than 25% POF percentage at a minimum, and less than 15% for the best-in-class. You may see a slight increase year-over-year, which will happen when you sell quality eyewear. You may also see an increase if there is not enough communication with the patient that wants to use their own frame.

Remedy these increases and keep your percentages low by employing a few key strategies.

Decrease Your Patient-Owned-Frame Percentage in 10 Ways

Use these strategies to decrease your POF percentage and handle objections your patient may have to purchasing a frame rather than using their own:

  • Educate your patient on the importance of having a spare pair of glasses with their current prescription, or close enough so that they can use them in case their primary pair breaks.
  • Indicate to the patient that you would like to make sure their frame is still current and parts are still available. There’s no sense in investing in lenses if you can’t fix the frame if it breaks.
  • If the patient likes the frame they purchased last year, suggest purchasing the same pair in another color.
  • Pre-select frames when the patient is in with the doctor. Place four frames in an eye-appealing tray, including one pair of sunglasses. When the patient comes out from their visit with the doctor, let them know that you started shopping for them.
  • Start the sale first and have patients browse your frames before their exam.
  • Be excited about the frame selection experience. If you are not excited, why should they be?
  • If they insist on using their own frame, suggest sunglasses and/or occupational glasses. Multiple pairs are always the answer.
  • Ensure your selection of frames is speaking to your audience.
  • Market your frame brands through your social media channels and on your website.
  • Know the brand story of your frames. Every frame has some type of history to it. Engage your reps in helping you learn the brand story, material of the frame, where the frame was made, and more. This will demonstrate your expertise to patients and build trust. For more on how to tell an engaging brand story, see this blog.

There will always be a percentage of your patients that use their own frames for various reasons. I encourage you to check on where your practice stands with your POF percentage. A lower percentage equals greater revenue for your practice.

Optimize Your Frame Assortment

Want to make the most of the frames you sell? Reach out to IDOC Inventory Management for expert help on optimizing your optical with bestselling frames that fly off the shelves. Our hands-on and individualized approach is designed to maximize your revenue and streamline your optical—all while helping you stay on trend.

Lana Greene
Optical Consultant
Lana Greene has over 25 years of experience in the independent optical channel. The first part of her career was spent as an ABO-Certified Optician and Sales Consultant for Viva International. She then transitioned her years of field experience into a Training Manager with Marcolin, serving the entire East coast. Lana then joined Silhouette and was instrumental in launching a new brand for them, coaching the team in effective merchandising and product placement best practices to drive sell-through. Lana joined IDOC in 2019 as a Practice Development Manager in the Great Lakes region, applying her expertise to grow more than 300 independent practices through reducing their cost of goods, and maximizing their operational efficiency through educational opportunities and training. Lana joins the Optical Services team as an Optical Consultant, with a passion for data and its value in the independent Optical.
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