Big Changes Have Arrived - IDOC Celebrates New Website & More for Independent ODs


In January 2016, we announced IDOC aquired Prima Eye Group. Since then, we've been hard at work combining strengths from both groups to offer independent optometrists more tools to thrive.

Independent ODs choose to be independent so they can practice in the ways they feel are most beneficial for their patients. But not every independent optometrist is also an expert at running a business.

IDOC is designed to help independent optometrists succeed at all stages of business and Focus on What Matters most.

“IDOC gives [members] full reign to practice vision care and run a business the way they want to run a business. Our main goal is to help you make your business vision a reality,” Dave Brown, President & CEO.

Part of the overhaul includes a new website and improvements to our membership plans IDOC Essential, IDOC Advisor, and IDOC Select, which are tailored to support unique optometry practice needs.

Members of our doctor's alliance find it's easier than ever to navigate optometry practice management tools and information on the IDOC website, and from any device. Improved functionality and rich content like videos, testimonials and case stories, also adds value formembers seeking expert advice to help grow their businesses and our new geo-targeted IDOC Study Group Finder makes it possible to find and attend 300+ study groups.

We’ve also enhanced our optometry consulting services and offer IDOC Advisor and IDOC Select members skilled professionals that can help with critical areas of business, from marketing to finances, staff management and more, enabling independent optometrists to Focus on What Matters most to them.

And with EDGEProTM by GPNTM optometry practice management software, IDOC Select members leverage key insights and analytics about their optometry practice to ensure they are maximizing results.

At the root of all our improvements, IDOC wants independent optometrists to feel empowered and trust us as an ally to lean on through their business journey.

Dr. Candace Hoff has transformed her business and attributes the success to help from IDOC, stating, "Things have happened really fast, and it's really great. I really honestly believe it would have taken me a decade or more to accomplish what IDOC has helped me to do in a couple of years. I wouldn't have been brave enough to do that alone."

To hear more about how this optometry practice owner achieved her business goals, download her Case Story.

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