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Ximara Vega | 8/7/2020

Take a step back and think about your business. Are you in tune with the performance of your optical? Are you achieving your desired results? If not from you, where are your patient’s purchasing their eyewear? Why? How do your offerings compare to your competition? Investigate, by definition, is to carry out a systematic or formal inquiry to discover and examine the facts of (an incident, allegation, etc.) so as to establish the truth. So, what is the truth?

As an Optical Management Consultant, I work with many practices on driving results within their optical. More often than not, practices are missing the mark within multiple benchmarks. It is incredibly important to explore opportunities and investigate theories. For instance, when capture rate is identified as an opportunity, the reason typically given is online or big box optical retailers. I am always surprised by the response when I ask if they have purchased glasses from these competitors to see how their offerings and products compare. If you have a hunch that your prescriptions are being filled elsewhere, explore “elsewhere.”

I would like to encourage all practices to take the steps outlined below:

Track: Dive into practice metrics to uncover opportunities and create systems to explore theories. For example, patient owned frames are high because most VSP patients choose to use their own frame. Create a tracker for VSP patient activity. Develop a log that includes the name of patient, transaction date, what they purchased, and who assisted them. Connect with each staff member for a recap on the patient interaction to develop an understanding of what happened.

Analyze approach: Observe patient interaction and current processes within your optical.

Evaluate competition: Take a trip to a local competitor or process an eyeglass order online to see how the experience and offerings compare to your practice.

Inform staff: Share experience with your team and ask for input on changes that may improve your optical.

Reconfigure approach: Use your observations and staff input to fine-tune optical procedures and/or offerings for the betterment of your business.

Educate patients: Use all that you have learned to educate your patients on what sets your practice apart from the rest.

Developing a better understanding of the reason behind your practice results is vital in developing a path for improvement. If you are not sure where to begin reach out to me, and I will be more than happy to help.


Ximara Vega
Optical Management Consultant
Ximara is an ABO Certified Optician and lecturer with over a decade of experience in both consumer relations and staff management in the optical industry. As an Optical Management Consultant with IDOC, she works with practices to develop processes designed to motivate and inspire positive change in areas such as staff training, goal setting, sales and inventory management. For insight into her approach feel free to read her IDOC blogs and the articles she has written for Pentavision's Optometric Management Tip of the Week.
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