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Ximara Vega | 3/12/2021

What should a practice do when they have lingering product? Well, 1st we have to identify what lingering product is. In my world, lingering product includes all frames that have been sitting on the shelf for a minimum of 6 months. I like to evaluate product every quarter to identify overall performance. If you feel a frame line has potential to be more successful than it has proven to be a few things need to happen:

  • Staff education
    • Make sure that all consumer facing staff are well versed in the story behind that brands
      • Why is it worth what you are selling it for?
      • What are some fun facts about the brand?
    • Product positioning
      • How many frames from that line do you have?
        • It takes 24-36 frames to effectively demonstrate a line’s brand story.
      • Are all of the frames merchandised together or are they scattered throughout the optical?
        • If scattered, bring them together.
      • Create a fun display that will pull people in.
      • Try keeping a couple of pieces on display at the front desk and develop talking points for your front desk staff to use to highlight that brand.
      • Feature them on social media.
    • Evaluate success
      • Review performance results at the close of the quarter.

What happens if the frames don’t move and all efforts have been unsuccessful and they have been sitting in your boards between 6 months and a year?

  • Try to get credit or exchange for new styles.
  • For moderate and high-end frames:
    • Reprice (not mark down) frames to the next lower price bracket, giving them a different grouping of frames they will be compared to.
    • Reprice (not mark down) frames to $149-$199 making them available at a low or no copay for most vision plans.
    • Offer frames at half off if purchased as a second pair, or for updating eyeglass rx for contact lens patients.
    • Use frames to provide OTC solutions:
      • If the frame would make a great looking sunglass, have plano polarized lenses made and sell as non-rx sunglass.
      • Have plano blue light blocking lenses made.
  • For more desperate measures (frames sitting for 18 months or more):
    • Many vendors exchange old inventory for a 50% discount to order new product.
    • Include the frames in your Medicaid or Save The Sale selection.
    • Donate to a nonprofit.

Lingering products are a pain point for many practices. Reviewing frame performance quarterly and taking action will eventually eliminate the need to aggressively discount or give away product.


Ximara Vega
Optical Consultant
Ximara is an ABO Certified Optician and lecturer with over a decade of experience in both consumer relations and staff management in the optical industry. As an Optical Management Consultant with IDOC, she works with practices to develop processes designed to motivate and inspire positive change in areas such as staff training, goal setting, sales and inventory management. For insight into her approach feel free to read her IDOC blogs and the articles she has written for Pentavision's Optometric Management Tip of the Week.
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