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Kelsey Garcia | 8/22/2022
IDOC Social Pro: How to Come Up with Interesting Post Ideas for Social Media

So you created a Facebook and Instagram account for your practice, but now what? Coming up with post ideas can be overwhelming and can quickly leave your creative “well” feeling dry. By categorizing your posts into three main buckets, you can easily streamline the brainstorming process and build some strategy into your content planning.


Don’t just post to post. Every social media post you create should have a goal in mind that falls into one of these three categories:


  • To educate/inform
  • To connect
  • To sell glasses

Let’s dive into some examples of what posts could look like within these categories.


Create Social Media Posts That Educate

If your goal is to educate your audience, focus on creating posts that provide information about eye care, eye health, or your practice. Examples may include:


  • Monthly eye care themes, such as National Eye Exam Month (August), Healthy Aging Month (September), and Home Eye Safety Month (October)
  • Your specialties and the services you offer
  • Answers to frequently asked questions


Create Social Media Posts That Connect with Your Patients

Social media provides the perfect opportunity to connect with your patients, have some fun, and build trust. Give your patients an inside look at your practice by sharing posts that highlight:


  • Staff spotlights, birthdays, work anniversaries, etc.
  • Office updates, new hires, or office closures
  • Happenings around the practice
  • Holiday photos of staff


Create Social Media Posts That Sell Glasses

Drive patients toward frame sells with posts that highlight your offerings. Easy ways to do this include:


  • Showcase frames in a weekly post (such as Frame Friday, Frame of the Week, or Frames We Love)
  • Spotlight your favorite frame lines or new frames lines you’re carrying
  • Create a “this or that” post showcasing two different frame styles
  • Post about current frame promotions or trunk sales


Next time you’re stuck thinking of post ideas, take a step back, review the three buckets—educate, connect, and sell—and use them to guide the creation of your content.


For more social media tips, watch our latest Social Pro Video with Kelsey Garcia, IDOC’s Marketing Services Content Specialist:

Kelsey Garcia
Marketing Strategist
Kelsey Garcia is a skilled social media specialist with experience partnering with small business clients and managing their organic social media presence. She earned her Bachelor's degree in Communications from Brigham Young University-Idaho. While obtaining her degree, she mentored a group of students in a classroom setting on creating social media campaigns and marketing for events on campus. After graduation, she worked for a startup digital marketing agency as their social media specialist, creating organic content for over 30 clients. This is where she developed a passion for working with small business owners to help them build and maintain their social media strategy. Kelsey grew up in the Seattle area. It was there she met her husband of three years, Spencer. They recently moved to the Atlanta area as Spencer is currently working on a Ph.D. in Industrial-Organizational Psychology at Georgia Tech. A fun fact about Kelsey is she has an identical twin sister! In her spare time, she enjoys taking naps, trying new restaurants, going to Trader Joes, and thrift shopping.
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