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Geronda Wollack | 10/15/2020

A friend of mine was out in the job market and applied for a job as a Dental Assistant. She called me for some advice around interviewing, and during our conversation, she mentioned a shocking reality. She said, "Geronda, there were a few companies that I was interested in, but the job ads were confusing or had the bare minimum, and it didn't make me want to apply." I have heard this many times before, and it was a distressing time because the company did not take the time to pre-plan and create a job ad so compelling that it drove traffic with high performing talent. I'm going to address ways that your job ad can entice candidates to apply for the role. Let us start with pre-planning. 

When you are pre-planning as part of your process to hire a new hire, the following steps should take place –

  • Take some time to think through what you would want success to look like in the role
  • For example, an Optician having a strong understanding of product features and help customers determine what types of products would look best on them
  • Take time to create a job description to be confident in what you are looking for in a successful new hire
  • If you have an Office Manager or someone equivalent, I would recommend having them write up the job description; that way, you can review it together and make any necessary changes

Once you have your job description completed, now you can pull together your super creative and excellent ad. Here is what I would recommend you include in your job ad –

  • Start with a creative title with a few words about the role. For example, FT Optical Sales, Base Salary + Commission, Flexible Schedule
  • Add 2-3 sentences about the practice with a link to any social media pages and your website
    • Make sure you go with whichever is most up to date
  • Layout 5 – 10 (no more than 10) specific job responsibilities you are looking for the new hire to do
    • You can also include 3-7 short phrases in bullets that outline their new role at the practice
  • Use the pretense "You" rather than incoming candidate or seeking individual – this makes the job ad more personal and helps candidates envision themselves in the role  
  • Include a list of 3-5 benefits that the practice offers
    • For example, a 401K plan or medical insurance, or even PTO
  • Make sure you add an email address where they can submit their resume 

By taking these steps, the candidate will understand the role's expectations, see how they can make an impact, and get a feel for how they can see themselves in your practice. When you accomplish the steps above, you will increase your likelihood of finding top talent. Here is an example of the recommendations above put into a job ad –

Eyewear Sales / Optician for Private Eyecare Practice in City, State

Practice Name is looking for a talented Optician to join its Team. We are the leading optometry services provider in Area and provide excellent care for our patients with leading-edge technology. We offer an outstanding work environment with a generous compensation plan that includes paid training, vacation, holidays, and 401K.

Job Summary First and foremost, this position requires someone with a great personality that enjoys working with people. Your primary responsibility will be assisting and educating patients with the selection of eyewear frames, lenses, lens enhancements, and overseeing the optical lab.

Job Responsibilities

  • Provide style consulting to customers as they select the best eyeglasses for their personal style.
  • Take flawless measurements of eyewear.
  • Adjust and fit eyewear for patients; repair broken frames.
  • Educate patients on proper eyeglass & contact lens care.
  • Keep track of orders, prescriptions, and inventory.
  • Work with our team selecting new eyewear from vendors.


  • Proven track record of measurement, adjusting, and educating patients about eyewear materials and benefits. 
  • Ability to answer patient questions with confidence and knowledge. 
  • A professional demeanor, appearance, and dependable work ethic. 
  • Ability to multi-task, work well with others, and outgoing personality. 
  • Ability to handle job function independently
  • Prefer experience with VSP and EyeMed insurance filing. 
  • The ideal candidate will have experience using a Santinelli Edger; single vision and progressive edging handled in-house, and we will consider training the right candidate. 

Interested candidates should submit their cover letter and resume to insert email address.

 Now, get out and there and hire some great talent! If you ever have questions or need support as you think through and write out job descriptions or job ads, please don't hesitate to reach out to the IDOC HR Team


Geronda Wollack
HR Services Advisor
Geronda Wollack has a background in HR project/program management in the IT and Education space. She holds a Bachelor of Science in International Business from Johnson & Wales University and a Master of Arts in Industrial/Organizational from the University of New Haven. Upon graduating, she started her Human Resources career at Gartner, where she spent approximately 3 years managing HR projects and programs from inception to delivery. <br/><br/>During her time at Success Academy Charter Schools, Geronda developed, facilitated and analyzed trainings for 50+ staff on leadership effectiveness and diversity. Geronda is experienced in areas of performance management practices, training and facilitation, process improvement, diversity and inclusion, and onboarding, to name a few. <br/><br/>A fun fact about Geronda is that she worked as a Cake Decorator for 2 years where she once baked a 7-tier cake that included edible diamonds. She was also the only female to play football on an all-boys team from 7th grade to 12th grade. Lastly, outside of work, Geronda loves to go camping (and be in nature in general), attend jazz shows and sporting events, attend festivals, cook, and play her trumpet.
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