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Maddie Langston | 1/23/2018

Optometrists in private practice sometimes fail to offer a clear reason why someone should choose them for their vision care over competitors - on their websites or in other marketing collateral – sometimes when you try to market to everyone, you fail to capture anyone.

What do you offer that is useful to patients which others aren’t in your area? Marketers will work through what’s called a SWOT analysis – strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats – to identify key differentiators to use in outbound marketing to attract new customers.

Many optometrists in private practice identify great customer service as the key reason they’re the top choice in their market. “Superior customer service” will fail to resonate if you can’t demonstrate it in action, either through reviews or marketing which proves it. Even then, superior customer service may not be unique to your practice in your area – your competitors may offer “personalized care” as you do, so it’s better to think through specifics.

Here is a short list of specifics – each one, all by itself, may be enough to create a compelling differentiator for prospective patients/customers.

  • Same day turnaround time for glasses
  • Evening and weekend hours
  • Hard to fit contact lens specialists
  • High end fashion in a hip setting, customized eyewear for your face
  • Medicaid accepted
  • Pediatric exams and children friendly waiting area
  • Vision plan expert on staff to help you maximize your savings

Here are some examples of calls to action using these specifics:

  • Bring the kids – we specialize in pediatric eye exams and a fun experience!
  • Confused about your vision plan? We offer guidance to help you maximize your savings!
  • Quick and convenient – open weeknights and Saturdays to accommodate your schedule.
  • Contact lens expertise – feel and see your best! We specialize in hard to fit cases.
  • Medicaid accepted – budget friendly, quality eyewear available.

Review your website and marketing collateral to ensure these types of specific differentiators are clearly being communicated to potential patients.  Identify target markets and give them specific reasons you’re the best choice for vision care!

Maddie Langston
Associate Director, Marketing Services
Maddie Langston brings extensive experience in marketing and sales administration and has developed strategies and platforms to drive sales for organizations in the fitness and business services industries. Most recently, Maddie developed marketing programs for a national network of independently owned auto repair service centers. This is where she developed her passion for partnering with small business owners to help them compete with franchises and big box retail chains. Maddie earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Liberty University. She is excited to be a part of the IDOC team, and to help you utilize marketing to brand your practice, retain patients, and drive new patients to you.
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