Staff Management & HR Consulting

Staff management can be one of the most difficult yet rewarding aspects of managing a practice. Questions regarding human resources and staff management are among the most frequent we field. We can provide the tools that encourage success from your current staff members, and help you to hire the right people for the future. We consult on all aspects of staff management including hiring, firing, job ads, employee manuals and more.
IDOC has partnered with eSkill, a leading online job skill testing company. eSkill provides you with both customized personality assessments and skills testing to help ensure you are hiring the right people for your practice. Discover the applicant´s personality type and skill set before scheduling an interview, and use our personality guide to find the best match for positions in your practice.

We customize our staff management and human resources consulting to meet your unique practice needs. We offer:
  • Pre—screening skills assessment tests to ensure applicants have the skills necessary to be successful in customer service, logical thinking, math, computer knowledge, and more
  • Help with every aspect of the hiring process, including creating job descriptions, recruiting qualified people, composing contracts, and writing performance expectations
  • A review of your compensation and benefits, and recommendations to ensure your appeal to applicants is competitive
  • Assistance with the creation of employee handbooks and office policies
  • Support on writing performance reviews, implementing discipline, and providing coaching to your team
  • Training and development plans to help you get the most out of your staff, as well as a comprehensive training checklist
When you become a member of IDOC Advisor or IDOC Select, you have unlimited access to our human resources consulting. To learn more, contact us today.


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