Optical Management Consulting

Are you realizing the full revenue and profit potential from your optical business? The way you manage inventory, display merchandise, and sell products all play a critical role in your success. From hiring qualified optical-specific staff and improving operations to selecting products and setting up frame board display, our optical management consulting can help you greatly improve practice performance.

Optical Management Consulting Process
Prior to your first consultation, our Optical Management Consultants will take you through an assessment process that discusses your frame inventory, operations, staff performance and prescribing habits.

Once we understand your current business operations, we can then begin the consultative process. Your Consultant will identify opportunities for improvement and set goals that will put your optometry practice on the path to growth—and we will align these goals with your 3-year growth plan.

What Our Optical Management Consultants Discuss:
In order to help you achieve the goals you have for the profit and growth of your optometry business, our consultants are available as needed, on an on-demand basis, to discuss the following:
  • Overall optical sales performance
  • Lens and contact lens sales
  • Optical capture rate
  • Growing the optical as a percentage of gross revenue
  • Frame and brand success
  • Optical policies and procedures
  • Sales techniques and how to influence them
  • Inventory management
  • Frame board recommendations
  • Guidelines for visual merchandising
  • Optical staffing and recruiting
  • Training for opticians
  • Promotional materials and product brochures worth using
  • Annual supply tracking
  • And much more

Personalized Consulting
At IDOC, we understand that every independent optometrist is at a different place in his or her business. Whether you are just starting out or you already have a successful practice but you know you can do more, our Optical Management Consultants will work with you on an individualized basis to help you reach your unique goals.

In addition to getting a full assessment and action plan at the get-go, as an IDOC Advisor or IDOC Select plan member, you can use our consulting services whenever a question arises. Contact us now to learn more about how our optical management consultants can help you.


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