IDOC Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is IDOC?
A: IDOC is a non-franchise alliance of over 2,500 independent optometrists in 48 states. IDOC provides a combination of discounts and rebates from over 60 industry-leading vendor partners as well as a number of tools to help ODs grow their practices including premier business management education, metrics measurement tools and consulting. We offer these programs and resources in an effort to help secure the future of our members and independent optometry as a whole.

Q: Can any independent optometrist join IDOC?
A: Yes. Any independent OD who wants to realize some of the best vendor pricing and rebates in the industry and/or is interested in growing their practice should consider joining IDOC and contacting us for more information at 203.853.3333.

Q: What vendors offer programs to IDOC members?
A. We provide attractive discount and rebate programs from industry leaders including ABB, Alcon, CooperVision, Essilor, HOYA, Luxottica, Marchon, OOGP, Safilo and many others. View the complete list.

Q: What type of educational opportunities are offered to members?
A: IDOC provides the opportunity for members to connect with colleagues and vendors on a national and regional level via business conferences that feature FREE COPE CE credits and a practice management-focused curriculum. We also offer quarterly study group meetings that bring local colleagues together to discuss a variety of challenges facing independent ODs. IDOC was founded 15 years ago by a group of Connecticut ODs who realized that the insights they gained from their collective group helped them more effectively overcome obstacles. Our members experience that same benefit through the collaboration of peers that takes place at our educational events.

Q: What is the cost to join IDOC?
A: We offer two membership options -- IDOC and IDOC Select. IDOC members have monthly dues of $129. IDOC Select members have monthly dues of $179. Most members find that the money they save via our discount and rebate programs more than covers the annual cost of their dues.

Q: What is the different between IDOC and IDOC Select Plus?
A: IDOC membership offers discount and rebate programs from over 60 industry-leading vendors, as well as national, regional and local learning opportunities. We also offer a dedicated Member Services team, who are ready to help members maximize the benefits they receive from IDOC.

IDOC Select membership offers all of the benefits of IDOC membership, but also includes installation and monthly fees associated with GPNs The EDGETM - a practice performance tool that monitors, tracks and measures the vitality and profitability of a practice (a nearly $4,000 value in year one alone), as well as monthly consulting that uses data collected from The EDGE to help identify areas of opportunity for increased revenue. IDOC Selecct members also realize even greater savings from a limited roster of key vendor partners when they commit a majority share of your prescribed units to Alcon and CooperVision for contact lenses, and Essilor for lab sales.

Q: How can I join IDOC?
A: If you are ready to join IDOC, please fill out our membership application. If you would like more information, simply fill out the form to the left, or call us at 203.853.3333.

If you would like to join IDOC Select, please call us at 203.853.3333 so that we can review the specifics of the program and answer any questions you may have.


Featuring programs from industry-leading vendor partners:

ABB Optical - Optometric Vendor Partner
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Hoya - Optometric Vendor Partner
OOGP - Optometric Vendor Partner
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